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Read the Case Study posted for this assignment (see file attached to the assignment folder entry). Determine the information technology/security gaps and develop a security strategy that includes issues relating to confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA), and that includes the key elements relative to People, Process, and Technology.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Describe the key issues/challenges/risks from this case study.

Step 2: Based on the information provided in the case study, describe and document the recommended security strategy to mitigate the issues/challenges identified.

Step 3: Describe the proposed security solutions and relationship to the case study.

Step 4: Document a detailed, proposed timeline for addressing each element of the strategy that you identify. Provide estimates for implementing recommended strategies, with rationale. Include what resources are necessary for completing each task in the timeline.

Step 5: Provide a high-level recommendation regarding the next steps to take in mitigating risks identified.

Additional Information

  • Consult the grading rubric for specific content and formatting requirements for this assignment.
  • Your 5 – 8 page Gap Analysis paper should be professional in appearance with consistent use of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc. You should use headings and page breaks to organize your paper.
  • Your paper should use standard terms and definitions for cybersecurity. See Course Content > Cybersecurity Concepts Review for recommended resources.
  • The CSIA program recommends that you follow standard APA formatting since this will give you a document that meets the “professional appearance” requirements. APA formatting guidelines and examples are found under Course Resources > APA Resources. An APA template file (MS Word format) has also been provided for your use CSIA_Basic_Paper_Template(APA_6ed,Nov2014).docx.
  • You must include a cover page with the assignment title, your name, and the due date. Your reference list must be on a separate page at the end of your file. These pages do not count towards the assignment’s page count.
  • You are expected to write grammatically correct English in every assignment that you submit for grading. Do not turn in any work without (a) using spell check, (b) using grammar check, (c) verifying that your punctuation is correct and (d) reviewing your work for correct word usage and correctly structured sentences and paragraphs.
  • You are expected to credit your sources using in-text citations and reference list entries. Both your citations and your reference list entries must follow a consistent citation style (APA, MLA, etc.).

Technology Issues

10 points

Identifies at least 10 security or technology issues based on the case study.

Security Issues

10 points

Clearly describes and relates information security and other technology issues to confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). Synthesizes and applies material and document relationships.

ID Risks and Challenges

5 points

Apply Risk ID

10 points

Synthesizes and applies risk identification and challenges. Derives new paradigms appropriately based on research and lessons learned.

Define Strategy

5 points

Relate Solutions

10 points

Clearly identifies security solutions that consist of people, processes and technologies that relate to the risks. Covers all three requirements.

Defines Tasks

5 points

Clear and detailed timeline that summarizes at least 10 of the technology solutions being recommended. Includes clear and defined tasks for each solution.

Prioritize Tasks

5 points

Major tasks are clearly prioritized according their importance to mitigating the risks and issues found.

Define Resources

5 points

Clearly defined people resources (by type) that support each task in the timeline.


5 points

Clearly describes and discusses high level plans that mitigate all technology issues identified. Provides clear detail and rationale to mitigate issues identified.

Next Steps

5 points

Clearly describes next steps that must be taken to resolve all issues identified.

Use of Authoritative Sources

5 points

Cited and used at least 5 authoritative or scholarly sources in paper.

Citation of Sources

5 points

Work contains a reference list containing entries for all cited resources. Sufficient information is provided to allow a reader to find and retrieve the cited sources. Reference list entries and in-text citations are consistently and correctly formatted using an appropriate citation style (APA, MLA, etc.).


5 points

Prepared MS Word document, used consistent formatting, section subheadings, submitted one file, used instructor provided template, correct coversheet and separate reference page and meets minimum page count of 5 pages.

Grammar and Punctuation

5 points

No grammar errors, use of first/second person, spelling or punctuation errors.

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