I have attached my recommendations for (GSWCF) in power point and I want you to create SWOT Table and address all these recommendations in it and also you can find my recommendations in power point slides and these what I think each recommendations is:

1- STEM program is a strength, but lacking in terms of awareness and relationships, recommend greater marketing efforts and more relationships with other organizations in order to provide a greater value proposition for membership involvement in GSWCF (from parent and girl perspective).

2-Cookie sales are a strength, but not fully utilized, recommend expend cookies sales during the fall holidys . This will allow GSWCF to better compete with competitors offering fulltime sales. With continuous sales, GSWCF can better utilize its existing cookie sales and brand recognition resources to generate additional income to reuse to better the organization and help meet its mission.

3-Weak relationships with local groups (recreational organizations) and other girl scout councils, recommend increased relationships with other GS councils and recreational facilities. This will help to inspire a competitive nature among the girls and organizations with the intent of increasing participation.

You have to :

Start this section out by reviewing the critical strategic issues facing the firm. This is where the SWOT analysis comes together since these strategic issues should be based on your previously identified opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. Use the bulleted lists at the end of the Industry and Company Analyses to develop a SWOT table and discuss the implications of the table. Be clear about which strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you are focusing on in the recommendations.

Please Write 2 to 3 pages

First part I want you to write:

1-GSWCF Industry & Company analysis ( just write a summary about GSWCF) interdiction

2- than make SWOT Analysis / Table and Discussion – Relevance to recommendation

The first part around 1 or 2 pages

The second part is :

It a conclusion , so write Summary of recommendations and timeline for implementation. You can write the benefits also. Half page or one page So the total is two to three pages , see the power point it has the recommendations and some information about implementation.

This paper is about https://www.gswcf.org/ (girl scouts of south west central florida)

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