Start by reading/watching/reviewing the multimedia report Slezak, M. 2016. The Great Barrier Reef. The Guardian. [online] 链接到外部网站。

Then based on the information in this article, answer the following questions. All answers should be in complete sentences and be a minimum of 250 words per question.

1. Corals, an animal, are susceptible for coral bleaching. Describe what this is and what causes it. Can it be reversed?

2. Watch the video, Great Barrier Reef: diving in the stench of millions of rotting animals – describe what you observed throughout the video.

3. There are many key bleaching events that occurred. Pick two and describe why they were important.

4. There is a graph under the subtitle “Mass bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef”. What information is this image trying to communicate? Is this image impactful?

5. Based on the article, can the coral reefs be saved? If so, what needs to be done in order to that and by when?

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