ULP Group Discussion

After reading Dilts, D. (2007). Case 15: Discharge for disruptive conduct, or for protected Union activity?, your group should come to a consensus as to the issues involved (i.e., critical issues: Is it a ULP? Why or why not?). You can include a dissenting opinion for this case if you cannot achieve a consensus.

Submit that consensus in a brief group essay (500 word minimum).

  • Were company rules No. 18 and 29 in violation of NLRA?
  • Employees at times write articles or letters for newspapers openly critical of their employers. Should it make any difference in this case that Fuller himself was an editorial employee of a newspaper?
  • Although Fuller wrote and published the “offensive” article on his own time, was his conduct protected under Section 7 of LMRA?
  • Do you believe Fuller’s discharge for rules violations was a pretext for terminating him because of his pro-union activities?
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