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A history lab assignment will consist of analysis of an historic health officer’s report from Maryland or the District of Columbia, or another location for morbidity and mortality data on a specific disease. THESE REPORTS ARE AVAILABLE ON CANVAS, IN THE FILES SECTION. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FIND YOUR OWN. You will choose a disease or health issue that has been covered in the reading and/or in class and analyze the report for information on the disease and local or state efforts to combat it. You do not need to read the entire report, just the section that addresses the particular disease or issue. The paper should be a minimum of TWO pages, double-spaced in 12-point type, and proofread. In the paper, you will answer the following questions:

  1. a) Which report did you use? (1 point);
  2. b) What statistical data does the report provide about the disease – i.e., were cases increasing or decreasing? Where are they concentrated? Which groups are most/least affected? What type of data is missing? (3 points)
  3. c) What does the report say about efforts undertaken to combat this issue/disease and their effectiveness? (2 points)
  4. d) How does the information in the report add to your knowledge about this disease or public health issue? (3 points)
  5. e) How does the data in the report compare to contemporary data on the disease or health issue (Hint: look at U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website). (2 points)
  6. f) Assignment is proofread, with no typos, and uses correct grammar. (2 points)
  7. g) References are made to course material and to the report itself. (1 point)
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