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       I need to write History Analysis Paper without no grammar error or plagiarism.  Some you need to cite everything. Before you start writing, you need to read 3 article from the textbook. I will provide the textbook link (Only people from US can access the link) . Requirement are as below. 

textbook link (You can find below article in the link by page number or article name)

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Doc 6-15: “Proslavery Petitions in Virginia (1785)” (p 153-4)

Doc 7-4: “The Sedition Act (1798)” (p 171-2)

Doc 10-1: “An Argument Against Universal Suffrage (1821)” (p 242)

Need to read these three article. 

The purpose of this paper assignment is to give you the opportunity to think more deeply about the ideologies that shaped the early United States and the inconsistences that existed in practice. After securing independence from Great Britain in 1783, Americans were tasked with forming a new government. The government would hopefully address the grievances Great Britain refused and reflect the qualities of post-Enlightenment republicanism (political representation, liberal and economic freedom, religious tolerance, etc.) that influenced many of the “founding fathers” in the eighteenth century. In this paper, you will analyze three (3) primary sources from Documents for America’s History. These primary sources are:

Doc 6-15: “Proslavery Petitions in Virginia (1785)” (p 153-4)

Doc 7-4: “The Sedition Act (1798)” (p 171-2)

Doc 10-1: “An Argument Against Universal Suffrage (1821)” (p 242)

The Specifics:

In a well crafted, 4 – 5 page essay (typed and double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman or similar, proper MLA/Chicago Style documentation), please analyze the documents by addressing the following questions:

  • What are the main points that each document is specifically arguing/advancing?
  • What do the documents have in common? How do they differ? Be specific. Use appropriately cited passages from the documents to support your claims.
  • Are people of all genders, races, and classes being addressed in all documents? Why or why not?
  • Do these documents support or conflict with the 18th and 19th century political philosophies used by the founding fathers to shape American government, such as republicanism and liberalism? Be specific

Interpreting American history can be subjective, so I am not necessarily looking for specific “answers” here. As such, your grade will be based on how thoroughly you absorb the documents and explain your analysis. You are not expected to do any additional research for this assignment; any sources consulted/used outside of the textbook must also be cited in-text and formally listed on your works cited page.

Papers submitted without a corresponding works cited page will be subject to penalties. Also, please do not ignore grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

What NOT to do:

  • Detail biographical information about the authors
  • Forget to cite and/or submit a works cited page
  • Discuss how much you enjoyed/disliked reading certain document
  • Use trite historical sayings and platitudes
  • Ignore historical context

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