Critical Thinking

  1. How do play activities contribute to secure attachment relationships?
  2. With regards to emotional well-being in early childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, what makes a person happy? Should providing happiness be a goal for parents of children? Should the pursuit of happiness be the goal for adults?
  3. Women are thought to internalize emotional problems and ruminate more than men, but men tend to externalize and ignore emotional issues more than women. Is one style more adaptive or “better” than another? Explain.
  4. What are some factors that could accounts for demographic differences in suicide?
  5. If an older adult discontinues her medications due to depression over a terminal diagnosis, is it the same thing as suicide?
  6. As we age, Laura Carstenson says we systematically refine social networks to maximize emotional well-being. Do you think this information is equally applicable for both friends and family? That is, when attempting to maintain emotional fitness, should family still be given special consideration? If you answer that family should indeed be given special consideration, explain without using the circular argument, “Because they are family.”
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