Financial Markets Research Paper

  • Each student will prepare an argumentative financial markets research paper, developed with appropriate evidence drawn from primary and secondary source material that demonstrates understanding and fluency in key course topics.
  • The research paper topic must explore a problem, a question or issue bearing on U.S. financial markets and institutions that is historically significant or currently important.
  • To develop your topic, it is recommended that you review all course topics prior to or at the very start of the course to develop ideas about their paper topic

3.Financial Markets Research Paper

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a.Each student will be required to complete an original 8-pages (maximum) research paper.

i.See topic approval section above.

b.The research paper must address and include:

  • A problem, question or issue bearing on U.S. financial markets and institutions that is historically significant or currently important.
  • Research that demonstrates the validity and applicability of the problem, question or issue in the field.
  • A solution to the problem, question, or issue or, if no solution is available, a discussion of alternatives that may be utilized.
  • Quantitative data specific and relevant to the problem, question, or issue.
  • Quantitative evaluation issue using the relevant data.
  • Narrative analysis supported (cited) by the research on the topic.
  • Clear, descriptive, and appropriate conclusion.

c.Research paper required characteristics:

  • The 8-page requirement does not include the title page and references.
  • A minimum of 12 research sources.
  • Each of the 12 sources must be cited within the paper.
  • APA format
  • Times New Roman, 12-pt.

1.Correct title page

2.Correct APA in-text citation format

3.Correct APA formatted reference page

d. References

i.A minimum of 12 relevant sources (excluding the textbook) from primary- source documents or reports, peer-reviewed journals or equivalent materials with substantive academic value, cited in the text and identified as reference (e.g., Journal of Monetary Economics; American Economic review; Journal of Political Economy; publication of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board; official publications of publicly held financial institutions, etc.).

ii.Examples of references that are not relevant



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