Topic: Factors leading to teenage drinking

I did a annotated bibliography that must be used in this paper but you can also add other references to what I already have. Thank you. I will attach

In this unit, you will submit your finished course project paper for grading. Your paper should be 7–9 pages, not including your title page and reference page, with a minimum of six references from scholarly resources. Be sure to complete the following in your final paper:

  • Apply a minimum of two theories or models to your selected topic related to human motivation and performance.
  • Describe the components of behavior or motivation (biological, learned, or cognitive processes) as related to the topic you have selected.
  • Apply knowledge of theories of human motivation and performance to explain human motivation, behavior, and goals in regard to your topic.
  • Apply findings from research to the understanding of your topic.
  • Analyze how theory and research findings inform personal behavior, professional goals, and the development of social policy.
  • Follow APA (6th edition) style and formatting guidelines
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