Case Study 1: An Ethical Dilemma?

  • Review the background leading up to the passage of the new overtime rule, as well as the FLSA guidelines for exempt and nonexempt employees.
  • What criteria should Samantha use in making her decision?
  • Make a proposal to Samantha about how to handle this situation.
  • Since the new rule requires that the threshold be increased every three years, what advice would you give Samantha to help her plan for these changes?

Case Study #2 – Executive Compensation at AB3D

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  • What factors are you considering in setting the executive compensation package for this potential hire?
  • What compensation/incentive package would you recommend for the new CEO? Be sure to identify the base pay as well as the forms of short-term and long-term incentives you would recommend. Why would you recommend this package?
  • What implications, if any, would this package have for the workers at AB3D Industries?
  • What would you do to address any concerns by the workers with your executive pay plan?
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