Answer all questions fully. Answers shall summarize the requested information in a readable format where applicable. Fully cite your source of information at the beginning of the assignment, then explain in your own words the requested information as applicable. All work must be your own, sharing of work is a violation of academic integrity. Neatness (spelling, grammar and appearance) counts.

Short Answer (1 point)

1. What standard was developed for the maintenance of water-based extinguishing systems by the National Fire Protection Association?

2. What is the primary cause of failures in water-based extinguishing systems?

3. List four items that must be included on sprinkler system hydraulic nameplates.

4. List six key items to be checked during an inspection of a wet or dry chemical extinguishing system.

5. What standard for the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems was developed by the National Fire Protection Association?

6. List five ways in which the means of egress can be compromised.

7. List two ways in which the integrity of construction elements and special features of the means of egress can be compromised.

8. List two instances in which exits may be eliminated or be removed from service due to safety concerns.

9. List the two basic strategies used by the model fire prevention codes to safeguard life and property.

10. List five methods of managing the impact of fire.

11. Which violation of the fire prevention code presents the largest potential for the number of safety deficiencies that can exist?

12. List two barriers to fire that are not rated assemblies.

13. Under what circumstances are hold-open devices permitted on side-swinging fire doors?

14. List four general rules regarding the use of extension cords.

Discussion Questions (2 points)

1. You have been directed by the chief’s office to look into a complaint by a city council member that a new house of worship is dangerously overcrowded on Friday afternoons. Over 300 cars have been counted in the undersized parking lot and within the surrounding community. The facility is an existing building formerly used as a school and is located within a residential neighborhood. Upon research you discover that the occupant load for the building based on square footage and capacity of the means of egress should be approximately five hundred persons. However, a zoning restriction imposed on the occupancy permit limits the facility to two hundred persons, based on the availability of only one hundred parking spaces in the parking lot.

a. If upon inspection, the facility in fact does have 500 persons in attendance, is it overcrowded?

b. What occupant load should the fire official enforce?

c. What would be your report to the chief’s office?

2. During an inspection of a three-story office building, you note that mail slots have been installed in all the doors to the tenant suites. The doors open into the main exit stairway for the building and all are listed fire doors.
a. Has the code been violated?

b. What information would you request from the building owner?

c. What is the potential significance of this situation?

3. During an inspection of a restaurant, you notice that a new range and fryers have been installed. The old appliances had been in place since the establishment was first opened over 20 years ago. The restaurant owner informs you that the equipment salesman said that they did not need a permit for installation because it was “replacement with like equipment.”
a. Does a code violation exist?

b. What action should the fire inspector take in this case?

c. Explain your actions to the chief who receives a call from a city councilman who claims you are harassing the restaurant owner.

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