Step 1: Obtaining IP Address of the Host (10 points)

You are going to conduct a vulnerability analysis on the host running the Kali Linux VM which you previously installed.

  1. Terminal the Windows command prompt if you are using Windows or Terminal in Utilities if you are using Mac OSX
  2. To determine your IP address of your host, type ipconfig for Windows or ifconfig for Mac OSX FreeBSD Unix
  3. Take a screenshot output on the terminal (3 points)
  4. Answer the following questions.
    1. What is the IPv4 Address of your host? (2 point)
    2. What is the IPv4 Address of the router connecting which is connecting your computer to the Internet? (2 point)
    3. What adapter is your computer using to connect to the network? (3 points)

Step 2: Using nmap on Kali Linux for Vulnerability Analysis (10 points)

Kali Linux is a Debian Linux operating system pre-installed and configured information security tools for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

  1. Launch Kali Linux in VirtualBox VM
  2. To launch nmap, click Applications and then Vulnerability Analysis
  3. In the Kali Linux terminal type nmap -v IPv4 _Address where IPv4 _Address is the IP address for your host which was identified in Step 1 above
  4. Answer the following questions:
    1. What ports are currently open on your host? (2 points)
    2. What services are using those open ports? (5 points)
    3. Can you associate the services and ports with the applications installed you host, which could be using them? (3 points)
    4. Which applications identified in (c) above, should be running on your computer and which shouldn’t? Give a reason for your answer. (5 points)
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