Welcome to week one

You only need to make three comments following the criteria below:

participation comments must meet the following criteria:

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Please see the instructor policies for more detailed information on participation.

  1. Demonstrates understanding of key course concepts
  2. Applies key course concepts to real-world situations
  3. Must include research and properly cites sources
  4. Must be over 200 words

You can use this for help on citations.


1.1 What are the rewards of being an exceptional manager?

1.2 What would I actually do—that is, what would be my four principal functions—as a manager?

1.3 Challenges can make one feel alive. What are seven challenges I could look forward to as a manager?

1.4 What are the levels and areas of management I need to know to move up, down, and sideways?

1.5 To be a terrific manager, what skills should I cultivate?.

1.6 To be an exceptional manager, what roles must I play successfully?

1.7 Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

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