Assignment Instructions

Step Instructions Point Value
1 Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named ppt01_grader_a1Wellness.pptx. 0
2 To the title on Slide 1, apply the Font Effect named Small Caps. 5
3 On Slide 2 in the fourth bulleted point, add an e to the word moral, so that it becomes morale. 5
4 On Slide 2, delete the second occurrence of the word Reduced and replace it with the word Lower. 6
5 On Slide 2, increase the indent of the last bullet point. 5
6 Check the spelling for the presentation, correcting all errors. 10
7 Using the Replace feature, replace all occurrences of the word Initiative with the word Campaign. 5
8 On Slide 2, use the shortcut menu to replace the second occurrence of the word Increased with the synonym Improved. 6
9 On Slide 3, change the Line Spacing for all bulleted text to 2. 5
10 On Slide 3, change the layout to Two Content. 6
11 On Slide 3, in the placeholder on the right side of the slide, insert the picture ppt01_grader_a1WellnessImage.jpg, and then add the Picture Style named Reflected Rounded Rectangle. 9
12 In Slide Sorter view, move Slide 5 so that it appears as Slide 4, and then delete Slide 6. 6
13 Add the Transition named Reveal, with the Effect Option Through Black From Left. Apply to All Slides in the presentation. 10
14 On Slide 4, add the speaker notes Employees are encouraged to suggest new awards. Include the punctuation. On Slide 5, add the speaker notes Sign up with your department manager. Include the punctuation. 10
15 Add the Slide number to all slides except for the title slide. 5
16 To the Notes & Handouts pages, add the footer ppt01_a1Wellness to all pages. 7
17 Set the presentation to print as Handouts in the 4 Slides Horizontal, Pure Black and White layout. Save and close the document. Submit the file as directed.
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