1. What should Mark have done if Jack still was not able to resolve the problem?

Mark could have resolved the issues if jack, would have not anticipated what’s the next process is going to be and how it could be done. Mark could analyze through the following options. Declare an open competition where teams or individuals who will come up with the feasible solution will take the role as a lead designer for the entire lifecycle of the plane. Along with this, there should be good rewards system tagged with the success of the project, this way the employees might consider as a challenge and prove their caliber. Secondly, Mark could take help from consultants or independent designers and help them brainstorm with the internal team like Jack to collectively come up with the solution. The individual or team who can solve the challenge will be accordingly rewarded by all the means from the company. As the supply is moving to a global impression, minimal effort sourcing and hazard sharing are currently high. Jack may be realizing that common aviation organizations are expanding thoughtfulness regarding the network to counter the weights from a global market, Mark can opt for an open challenge in their organization and could announce an incentive for whoever that settles the issue. Jack tried to tackle this issue and gave his best not ready to settle the issue.

2. Would it make sense for Mark to assign this problem to someone else now, after Jack could not solve the problem the second time around?

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Mark should not assign the problem to someone else, Jack could not be able to solve the problem second time. This is because we can believe that Jack must have tried all the open possible options and resources in the company to resolve the issue. Instead Mark can look for some resource outside his company and try to find the solution or engage internal and external teams in a joint meeting and try to get a solution. I believe assigning another resource from the company would help solving the issue and would lead to loss in time and financially.

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