Assignment questions

Identify a country in the Golf region or anywhere else and critically analyses the effect of globalization on it’s entire economic, cultural, and political system. In your answer you are expected to give an introductory background information about the country you selected which include location, demography, culture, natural resources, political system,.etc., then you identify the globalization issues in that. This includes its’ culture, economic activities, political system, and technological advancement in communications. In your conclusion, discuss the effect, cons and pros of globalization on the country you chose.

Your paper should be in the following format:





Submission: on Blackboard, Word (.doc) file


•Separate your writing into paragraphs (there is no set number; you decide what is appropriate)

•Size 12 text

•Times New Roman or similar font

•Include a title (You can use the question as a title, or write your own)

•Black text

•Align your text down both sides (left and right alignment)

•Use clear references for any information or ideas that are not entirely your own.Referencing guides:


Organization, formatting, and presentation 10%

Mechanics: Grammar, spelling, word choice 20%

Depth of ideas and understanding of the topic 20%

Reference to materials studied / other appropriate examples 20%

Addressing the question + coherence 30%

Important instructions:

i need 15 pages


no palagrism

simple language

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