In this assignment, you will identify the characteristics of Smith Community Hospital and the departments that will be affected with the updated IT Infrastructure.

  • Provide an overview of the hospital’s characteristics and structure. For example:
    • Identify and describe the location of the hospital.
    • Describe the demographics of hospital, including:
      • The general details about the hospital. For example, is it a public or private hospital, is it an outpatient or inpatient hospital, a standalone hospital or is it connected to a hospital system, and so on.
      • The size of hospital, number of beds.
      • Who the hospital serves.
      • The specializations are of the hospital. For example, a children’s hospital or a general type of hospital.
      • Other types of services the hospital provides.
      • How long the hospital has been operating; and in what capacity?
  • Analyze and describe the organizational structure of the hospital system. Include:
    • The mission and vision of the hospital.
    • The departments within the hospital and their responsibilities.
  • Analyze and describe the clinical services of the hospital. For example, what are its special, primary, secondary, and tertiary services?
  • Analyze and recommend areas for improvement. Include recommendations for the following departments and areas:
    • Administration.
    • Operations.
    • Clinical.
    • Compliance.
    • Information Technology systems—hardware, software, and telecommunication systems.
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