Why do adolescents need to establish their own identity rather than accept what their parents want for them?

write a short a paragraph about it


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replay to these two post, two or or three sentences.

1/ Adolescents need to establish their own identity rather than accepting what their parents want for them because we are all different people. People make mistakes and that often times happens during adolescence. People need to be different from one another otherwise the world would be boring. It also is important to note that many adolescents go through a “rebellious” stage in which they seem to do the opposite of what their parents want.

2/ Adolescents need to establish their own identity rather than following what their parents want because sometimes what the parent wants, is not right for the child. Sometimes what the parent wants isn’t in the best interest of the child. By having a child establish their own identity, they are more likely to make decisions to benefit their own self. They may struggle to make decisions without their parents’ approval.


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