This chapter was quite informational in terms to historical and modern day corrections, when it comes to minority groups. While reading the chapter, I was reminded of a class discussion in one of our chapters that we had read about a week ago. It had been discussed, that the criminal justice system had always ensured a way to keep those who were ethnically, racially, and religiously different; down. That the system had been designed to show impartiality towards minorities. Well, considering that this chapter dived into the historical aspects of the early system, I would agree that it is true. There has always been impartiality and disparity towards minority groups. Reading some of the methods that the prison system used to ensure the enslavement and servitude of people considered to be of a lower class, is saddening to me. And what is worse, is that many of those methods still exist today.


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I think its only right for the prison to compliance with inmate who have a disability. Yes we all know they have done wrong but they cant control their illness. I think they should have prisons just for disability inmate for their safety. From working in the prison the inmate with disability get treated like a regular inmate.

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