I just need four to five sentences to answer each discussion question below. Please clearly define what questions are being answered.

1. Explain in your own words the importance of report writing and why you believe it is critical to the system forensics industry. Discuss the need for forensic reports when testifying as an expert witness.

2. Determine what you perceive to be the most difficult task in writing a system forensics report and explain why you believe this is the case. Decide whether or not software-generated reports assist with this specific portion of the report writing process and provide a rationale with your response.

3. Compare and contrast the roles of a technical / scientific witness and an expert witness. Determine which you believe to be the most important when it comes to a case and whether or not as a juror you would consider one’s testimony over another.

4. Use the Internet research and select at least one article discussing a case using a digital forensic expert witness. Examine how the expert witness was used in the case and determine if his / her testimony played a significant role in the case and its decision.

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