“Suppose I think about my future course of action. It might seem like I have have several choices before me (I could have soup for dinner or I could have a sandwich), but it strikes me that this is just an illusion. This is because humans are just like any other material entity found in the world, and hence subject to restrictive causal laws. If I jump out of a plane, gravity must pull me down (and this is unavoidable). If I have a release of serotonin in my brain, I will feel happy (and this too is unavoidable). What I eat for dinner is explained in a similar way, even if it is more complicated. Given my preferences and my desires and the relevant psychological laws, I will be compelled to pick the soup for dinner (as one example). I really couldn’t have chosen otherwise. So, I must not have free will.”


1) In your own words, what is the main idea expressed in the essay?

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2) Would this make any difference in how you viewed any past decision that you have made? (Describe a past decision and give reasons for your answer.)

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