An original research paper demonstrating your command of the economic way of thinking and your ability to apply it in an original and insightful way is a major component of this course.

Our class is related to the Classical model and Keynesian model.Do not writing about the compare between Classical model and Keynesian model, the economic way of thinking that is important.


  •  The text of your paper (not including bibliography) must be approximately 1500 words
  •  You must include a bibliography. Use either MLA or APA format.

o MLA:…

o APA:…

  •  You must include at least two refereed journal articles within your citations.
  •  You must use third-person format. (No “I” or “you”)
  •  No title page, no table of contents
  •  Abstract optional (if you choose to include an abstract, it should be no longer than 150 words)
  •  Times New Roman, size 12 font (title can be larger)
  •  Standard margins
  •  Double-spaced Rubric: I will take off 10 points for each day the paper is past due.
    I will be using Turnitin. If I detect any hint of plagiarism, you will receive a 0%.


70 points

Length (at least 1500 words)

10 points

Use of two refereed journals, cited within text and bibliography

10 points

Proper MLA or APA citations used within text and bibliography

5 points

Correct formatting (See “Sample Format for Research Paper)

5 points

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