Why do you think learning about international business is important? and how does international business affect your life?

( Five sentences minimum to each question). (Don’t really need to look on the internet for quotes, this is particularly your opinion.)

Respond to the following classmate with your opinion on what they wrote.

STUDENT ANSWER TO THE QUESTION: International business is important and significant for many reasons, such as national economic growth, employment opportunities, a well-established relationship among the countries – a good economic relationship will lead to a better political relationship. As a business school student, it is crucial to learn about international business. It will help us to develop a global mindset, to think from different perspectives of business while acknowledging the specific customs and business practices of foreign countries.

Why is it important to me as an individual?

Without any international trade, for example, I won’t have access to various products that use up daily – smartphone, computer, a car, even certain clothes. Everyone, including myself, is connected to the international business one way or the other. The same smartphones parts are made in one country, ensembled in another country, imported and sold in our country. It is important to familiarize with the international business. In addition, the technological advancement has led to a flourishment in international business.

To conclude, international business helps in generating mostly good quality products, a better management technique and the overall favorable economic relationship among various countries.

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