In this paper, provide a descriptive title or heading for your paper by focusing on topics or countries that interest you, and then discuss the following concepts:

Explain globalization and the drivers of globalization.

Discuss the changing nature of the global economy.

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Compare and contrast political and economic differences of at least two countries (e.g., India and the United States).

Discuss what managers can do to successfully work with the opportunities and challenges present in this global economy.

Your paper should be four to five double-spaced pages in APA style. For this assignment, thoroughly discuss the topics mentioned and, when possible, provide specific examples or recommendations, and cite all of your sources.

APA format for this course, so be sure to include headings (such as “Global Management in Action at Toyota”), subheadings (such as “Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Automotive Industry” and “Levels of Management for Car Dealership”), page numbers, references, and so forth, in the required APA format.

For example, if the title of your paper is “Management Problems in Modern Global Organizations” and you say there are six major management problems for modern managers, then each of these problems would be a subheading (under which you would discuss what each problem or opportunity really means and how managers or organizations can avoid them). The six problems you identify might be: (1) Failure to develop intrapreneurs/staff members, (2) Lack of openness to experience/not embracing diversity, (3) Not truly valuing the experience and expertise of an employee, (4) Job dissatisfaction/when the manager is not happy, usually the employees are not happy, (5) Poor communication skills/not communicating expectations clearly, and (6) Unknowingly practicing Theory X/ micromanaging.

The final subheading for every paper should be “Summary” (where you discuss what the paper included, the results, and any other final recommendations for future research or readings).

Overall, instead of having one long paper under one title or heading, try to use several heading levels (perhaps Level 1 and Level 2 in APA style). For example, if the title of your paper is “Functions of Management in the Global World,” then four subheadings could be “Planning the Chores,” “Organizing Departmental and Global Operations,” “Leading Personnel Across Borders,” and “Controlling Costs in Host-Country Operations.” The final subheading would be “Summary.” The main title would be a Level 1 heading, which goes in the center of the page, and the four functions would be Level 2 headings, which would go flush left on the page.

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