You are required to work in a group of two. Teams will be formed when project is given, and if it doesn’t work out with your team member you are responsible to work on the project individually. You should work on this project outside of the class time. Make sure the Report and the PowerPoint has both team members name otherwise points will be deducted. Write minimum 4 to 5 single space page not including reference page on listed topics. Be sure to include at least 4 to 5 references and do in-cite quotation. Be sure to include Tables/Figures/Diagrams in your paper to explain in details

1. What does Network Vulnerability Assessment mean?

2. What is network vulnerability?

3. What is vulnerability analysis?

4. Causes and examples of network vulnerability

5. What is network assessment and how it works?

6. Reasons and examples of network assessment

7. Types of network vulnerability and example

8. Testing and comparing vulnerability analysis tools?

9. How to measure network vulnerability?

Below is a list of criteria you must adhere to: It must be a minimum of 5 pages (without references) (Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Space: 1).

Project Requirement

You must complete all 9 sections of this project, write a report, which is expected to be completed with quality. Also, a PowerPoint with findings and demo during presentation to the class.

Project Deliverables

o Both PowerPoint and Report needs to be submitted into Blackboard by 7:30 pm ACCEPTED. Be prepared to present it during the class.

The graded as follows:

• 80% on content;

• 10% on organization;

• 10% on mechanics

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