Is it Valid? Is it Reliable?

This discussion assesses your ability to describe the purpose of reliability and validity in the design of formal and informal assessments. It also supports your achievement of the Course Learning Outcomes 5 and 6 and the MASE Program Learning Outcome 1. For this discussion, you will continue assuming the role of the special educator collaborating with Mr. Franklin. In addition to reading the Announcements, prepare for this discussion by reading the Required Resources, the Week Two Instructor Guidance, and the scenario provided below.

Scenario: You are talking to Mr. Franklin about your options for informal classroom assessments as you are waiting for Manuel’s cumulative folder to arrive from his previous school site. As described on p. 29 of your text, formal and informal assessments should be both valid and reliable. When you mention this to Mr. Franklin he states that he had been under the impression that only standardized tests could be valid and reliable. He then asks you to help him better understand these concepts so that he can create valid and reliable informal classroom assessments to use for all students.

Initial Post:
Post an initial response that includes the following:

  • A description of the concepts of reliability and validity written so that Mr. Franklin can understand and use them. Include a real-world example from your own personal or professional experiences.
  • An explanation of the importance of reliability and validity in creating unbiased assessments.
  • At least three suggestions that Mr. Franklin can use to create informal assessments that are both reliable and valid. Use the information from Chapter two in Pierangelo and Giuliani (2012).
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