Please answer questions 1-2 in detail. The answers to each question should be 250-500 words.

1. Your boss is looking for a way to add storage she can take with her on business trips, but that doesn’t require cloud services because she sometimes travels to countries where the Internet is unreliable or unavailable.

  • Use the Internet to research various storage solutions.
    • What would you recommend to her? Include the URL to a storage solution that would be good in this case.
    • In a few sentences, talk about why you think it would be good storage solution.

2. The desktop administrator at a remote satellite office called you to let you know that one of their users is having connectivity problems.

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Please answer the following:

  • What questions would you ask?
  • Let’s say that the response from the administrator indicated that they’ve not been following the proper networking methods. Identify one thing NOT to do when it comes to running cable, and then talk about a few steps you’d take to remedy the situation.

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