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1. You are to use the skeleton provided and create a program with 5 classes. A Controller class, a Validation class to perform data validation, a class to hold the Business logic, a class to hold the Customer object definition, and a class to hold the Vehicle object definition. 2. This project will use Object composition to create a class that uses the Customer and Vehicle objects 3. Follow the same guidelines we used in Project1 to name your project Name the project using the 3 first initials of your calpoly email for example my email is hmouissa@cpp.edu my project name would be hmoProject2.zip 4. Use JOptionPane to enter the order information separated by spaces, enter the following: (see the data input examples provided in this handout) a. First Name b. Last Name c. Phone Number d. Number of Vehicles e. Number of Tanks 5. Make sure the following is entered correctly, otherwise display an error message and close the program, use exceptions to validate input: a. The name of the customer is not blank b. The phone number of the customer is not blank and is 10 characters c. The number of vehicles is between 1 and 10 d. The number of fuel tanks can only be (2,4,8,10, 15,20) 1 Course: Instructor: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Computer Information Systems Department Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java CIS 3090 Hatim Mouissa 6. Select the type of Vehicle from the menu window 7. Then you are to test the program using the same values as in the examples shown in the screenshots provided in this handout. 8. Display on a JOptionPane window the summary of the order 9. Keep processing orders until the user decides to stop ordering 10. EXTRA CREDIT: Display a summary of ALL ORDERS processed (see examples) 11. Then you are to export the program into a zip file containing your *.java (source) files and *.class (byte code) files. Name the zip file xxxprogram3_yy. zip xxx is your initials taken from the first three characters of your Cal Poly email address. yy is the revision number of your project. 12. Lastly you are to upload the file to Blackboard’s digital file drop and SEND it to your instructor. Make sure you use the send file feature, uploading the file alone doesn’t send it to the instructor. 13. Email me before 10/22/2018 with the tax total from order2 in the example in this hand out to earn 3 points. I want to make sure you read the project. VI. Deliverables 1. Electronic: Your zip-file must be transferred via blackboard to your instructor. The zip file must be sent by the beginning of class. Late projects will not be accepted so make sure you turn-in whatever you have on time to get partial credit. 2. Written (Assembled in the following order): a. Grading Sheet b. Table of contents c. Print-out of a test summary table (Similar to table used in project2) d. Class Diagram e. Printout of all the test screens including errors / fixes (see input/output screen examples included in this handout) f. Printout of source code for all classes

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