Job Prospecting Assignment (for a guy)

What is your “dream” job after graduation? This assignment will help you identify potential prospects for you to submit a resume and teach you the value in effective prospecting.

After reading Chapter 5 answer the 4 general questions below and complete a Customer Profile for each of your top 2 job prospects. In order to successfully complete this assignment you will need to call the company and interview people in the Human Resource department, you may explain you are doing this for an assignment. Use the following criteria for this assignment. Do Not wait for the last minute as previous students have found it is difficult to get people to return calls or talk with them. You may need to call more than 2 companies to complete this assignment.

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  • Use an Arial Font, 12pt, double spaced.
  • Cover Page
  • Make the layout of your paper easy to read by using bold headers and bullet points when necessary.
  • Deadline, Friday, March 1, before Midnight. This is an early deadline, so you may enjoy your Spring Break.

4 General Questions

1. What prospecting methods from the book did you use to identify potential job leads?

2. How did you qualify theses leads as job prospects?

3. How did you prioritize these job prospects?

4. What information did you uncover that will be helpful to you before contacting these job prospects.

Customer Profile Form

1. Name of Business

2. Address (I am in billings, Mt )

3. Phone

4. Name of Interview Person (if you want to use yourself as one or a family member or make up one but the professor may call them)

5. Official Title (this could be owner, president HR director)

6. E-mail address

7. Source of Prospect (i.e., referral, cold call, directories)

8. Other Key People

  1. Gatekeepers
  2. Other Influencers
  3. Department Heads
  4. What product/service does the company provide
  5. Company’s history and current standing in the industry
  6. Number of Employees

10 9.Extent of Operation (i.e. local, regional, national, global)

11.10.Is the hiring decision done by an individual or committee

To receive full credit All questions must be answered. Certain individuals may cover more than one field, however, that name must appear on the form twice. For example: Name of interview person, may also be the individual making the hiring decision. Individual companies may be called at random to verify student assignments.

TIP: Under the Content Tab…Course Home…you will find a list of Common Grammar Errors. Review this list before submitting your paper.

Grading Rubric for Job Prospecting Assignment: 50 points each=100 points total.

  • Deadline:10 points per week
  • Grammar & Spelling:5 points
  • Completeness:15 points
  • Clarity:15 points
  • Design:5 points
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