Here is an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership through contributing to our leadership community. Please answer your thoughts on ALL 4 of the following prompts. Points will be awarded based on effort, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness. If you give your best effort and construct a thoughtful response (like you would expect from a leader) then you will receive full points.

1. Midpoint Reflection: We are at the mid-point of our leadership development experience. What are a few of your take aways so far through the course and how are you trying to apply them personally, professionally, and/or academically.

(Module 1: The Importance of Leadership: Setting the Stage

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Module 2: Part 1 Leadership Variables

Module 3: Part 2 The Power of Vision

Module 4: Part 3 The Importance of Ethics

Module 5: Part 4 The Empowerment of People)

2. VIDEOS: As a leader what is 1 thing you can take away from Leading Edge Marshall Goldsmith’s 6 questions you need to ask yourself everyday, and 1 thing you can take away from Dan Pink: Driving Employee an how as a leader how can you apply this learning either at home, work, school, or in your community?

3. TEXT BOOK: As a developing leaders what is one thing you are taking away from Chapter 8 and one thing you took away from Chapter 9, and how can you apply that knowledge to become and/or be a better leader at work, school, home, self, or community?

(Chapter 8. Leadership AuthorityAssignment

Chapter 9. Empowerment in the Workplace and the Quality ImperativeAssignment

4. COACHING: If you were coach a developing leader and they asked you what they could do to better empower there people what coaching and advice would you have for them?

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