Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post concerning the importance of the code of conduct in a workplace.

It is imperative for a company to have a code of conduct to guide employee’s ethical decision-making and behavior. Code of conducts also assists in communicating a common idea of values, behaviors toward employees, stakeholders, and customers. It is a framework of expectations on how to approach any decision-making.

In order to implement the code of conduct smoothly, Theresa and Mike should create a change of management plan. “A change management plan is a blueprint that a company prepares before it undergoes a significant organizational change.” (EB 2015) I would advise Theresa and Mike to start developing a new mission statement were it highlights the company’s culture, values and goals. I would also advise them to consider any legal standards and business regulations that should be in acquiescence to the law.I would let them know to make the code of conduct very comprehensive, in written format and easily assessable to all employees, stakeholders and customers. The code of conduct should express what is expected of everyone. In addition, employees need to be informed on how to communicated with each other. There should be guidelines on how to report any violations, financial activities or performance. They should consider covering and provide suggestions on how to address conflicts of interest, code violations, gifts, and bribery. They should get training on company’s protocol and educate the employees on how to address certain challenging situations when conflicts arise.Most importantly, the code of conduct should address terminating factors.

At my company, we have guidelines there to guide our conversations so they meet with legal and company standards while still handling accounts transactions.We also have to sign our code of conduct to show that we understand agree to company’s procedures and what is expected out of our role in the company’s culture.

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