Your company has been developing nicely. The goals have been set, the employees have been hired, and now it’s time to start working toward accomplishing the objectives. Anyone who has worked in a company knows that things don’t always go smoothly. For this assignment, your employees are running into issues in the work environment, and it’s up to you come up with solutions to their problems. There are two separate situations in the video below, and each has specific questions regarding leadership and motivation. Answer these questions using concepts from this week and previous weeks.

(I couldn’t find a link for the video so i wrote summaries for each scenario)


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Adam was in the break room getting coffee, and Peggy walked in. He asked her if she was ready for the yearly evaluations. She told him that they go through that work and anx and gets the same 2% that everyone else gets. Adam agrees with her and says everyone does get the same raise. He tells her that he is concerned about the path to getting promoted. Every year he talks to them and asks what he needs to do to move up in the company, and they struggle to give him a specific goal he needs to accomplish. He then expresses how much likes working there but doubts things will change. Peggy then goes on about how she wonders if the corporation really understands how much they do to contribute to the company.


Joan has tons of books lying on the floor next to her and Chris’s cubicles in the office space. Chris asked Joan if she would clean the books up and she told him “no I don’t have the time or space for them.” He tells her that they need to talk about it, but Joan said she didn’t want to. Chris then explains to her that it isn’t about work and it’s about respecting the workplace. Joan got defensive and said she’s not talking about it.

Chris leaves and goes to talk to Shavon in HR about it. He explains to Shavon everything going on; Shavon then schedules a meeting with Chris and Joan to work things out for later that day.

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