Your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has just returned from a conference where h/she attended a presentation on engagement. The speakers, from a variety of organisations in the public and private sector, presented case studies detailing the organisational benefits that they had received from the engagement strategies that they had introduced. Although each speaker seemed credible, it appeared that what was meant by the term engagement differed from speaker to speaker. Furthermore, each organisation seemed to measure engagement in a different way and report different outcomes.

Although still very interested in how engagement can benefit your organisation, your CEO has asked you to undertake some research in order to understand what engagement is and whether it really does have the reported benefits of improving performance. H/she would like to know more about what the organisation can do to change levels of engagement.


Within your own organisation (or one with which you are familiar), draw on relevant research evidence and organisational practice to produce a short report of approximately 1600 words addressed to your organisation’s Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer:

1. Critically explore and explain the differences between employee engagement, non-engagement and disengagement.

2. Critically analyse how each of these areas are manifested in your organisation and how they are managed to ensure a contribution to organisational performance.

3. Makes recommendations for changes in your organisation to achieve high levels of employee engagement in your organisation. And the structure will be in form of:

– Introduction (150 words)

– Literature Review (700 words)

– Discussion (500 words)

– Conclusions and Recommendations (250 words)

*** Words count = 1600 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

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