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Complete the following:

  • Locate 4–5 articles on MULTICULTURALISM IN THE CLASSROOM, at least 3 of which have not been provided as readings in this course, on the topic of multiculturalism and how cultural issues impact curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Be sure to include both empirical articles and other types of articles. Use current articles—those that have been published within the last five years.
  • Part 1: Draft an annotation for each article. Annotations are short summaries that encompass the main information from the article. For empirical articles, you should include the purpose of the study, data collection and analysis details, and the findings. Then, identify any limitations of the study. For other types of articles, include the author’s main premises: describe the main ideas that the author discussed. Each annotation should be approximately 150–200 words.
  • Part 2: Provide a 3–4-page summary in which you synthesize the research. This should be an integrated discussion of the literature you read; it should not read like a list of article summaries. When you synthesize the literature you read, you combine the different articles into a whole—an integrated discussion of the literature, not a list of article summaries. Usually, the articles you select on a topic can cluster around a theme. (In this case, the theme might be one particular issue related to multicultural issues in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.) Link the article summaries together in a connected way.
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