Please complete assignment.

1. Literature Review for 30 articles

2. Data synthesis

3. Research article chart completed (30 articles).

Research Article Chart

Criteria and Defining Characteristics Article 1: Article 2: Article 3:

After reading the abstract what do you expect to learn from the article?

Introduction: Summarize the following in paragraph form.

· What is the purpose of the study?

· What is the scope of the study?

· What is the rational for the study?

· What is the hypothesis or research question?

· What key concepts and terms are noted?

· Is a review of the literature provided?

Methods: Summarize the following in paragraph form.

· What is the population being sampled?

· What data collection procedure is presented?

· What other procedures are described?

Results: Summarize the following in paragraph form.

· What are the given findings?

· How was data collected?

· Are the findings supported by graphs and charts?

· What does the analysis of data state?

Conclusion: Summarize in paragraph form.

· What is the summary of the study?

· What is the conclusion of the hypothesis?

· What are the questions for future research?


· What are the total number of references used in the study?

· List two of the references used.

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1. Use these journal articles for the RESEARCH ARTICLE CHART. There has to be 15 articles used.

2. Part 1: Selection of 30 Articles 

3. Select 15 empirical articles related to your PICOT question. Use the “Empirical Research Checklist” worksheet to ensure that each article you select meets all of the established criteria. At least one article must demonstrate a quantitative methodology.

4. Part 2: Research Article Chart

5. Using the articles acquired in Part 1, provide a summary review of each component using the “Research Article Chart” template.

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