MKT 331 LPGA Social Media Content Group Project (100 points)

You are collaborating with Octagon Sports Marketing and Consulting in creating social media

content to promote the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) tournament that will be

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held in Midland, Michigan in July 2019.

Your task is to create a variety of social media content that will be used in promoting the LPGA

event. This content will be in the form of photos, videos, podcasts, livestream, infographics etc.

The objectives of this content are to promote the LPGA event and also Great Lakes Bay Area.

Keep in mind that your target audience may or may not be golf enthusiasts. You will be graded

by your creativity and quality of content you create.


Using application(s) of your choice to create original, high quality social media content

that will promote the LPGA event. It also needs to be in appropriate styles and sizes for

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (recommended: adobe photoshop, Canva).

The project is from February 11 to April 27. Every 2 weeks you will create 6 contents

related to one of the categories listed below. Each content will earn 2 points (based on

their quality). These contents will be in a variety of formats.


your contents are

selected by Octagon to be used for the LPGA, each content will earn additional 2 points.

The most you can earn every 2 weeks will be 20 points. Due date for content is Friday by

midnight (Due dates: 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 3/29, 4/12. 4/26). Categories for contents are:


categories may be added later if needed


LPGA related information (i.e., player spotlights, organization info, golf related,

tournament related etc.)


Great Lakes Bay Area related information




Golf related businesses

Each group will create a google doc folder for submission and grant your professor and

Octagon representative an access to it.

Important note:

be VERY careful with copyright content!! DO NOT just use content you

find online without making sure that there are no copyright issues with it. Stock photos

from website such as Pixabay can be used freely. Check out these recommended

websites for quality copyright free photographs. Octagon also has access to Getty

Images as well and can provide you that.…

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