You will begin this project by making use of technology and information resources to find an article in a nursing, medical, or science journal that makes use of multiple regression in the analysis. This will be your “target article”. You will be asked to provide an APA reference for the article and a Web link to the article (if available). In the interests of keeping this project manageable, you don’t need to consider any other sources other than your target article and the textbook. However, if you do make use of any additional sources, you must cite them using APA format.

Address each of the following nine (8) items. Each item is worth twenty (20) points, except for Item 8 which is worth twenty-four (24) points:

  1. Identify the target article.
  2. In your target article, what is/are the research question(s)/study aims? What is the hypothesis under consideration?
  3. From your target article, identify the independent variables and their levels of measurement. Explain how they were measured. How were the measures selected? How was the data collected?
  4. From your target article, identify the dependent variables and their level. Explain how they were measured.
  5. What type of sampling method was used in the study? Is it appropriate to the aims of the study? Explain your answer.
  6. Explain the process that the authors used for regression model selection. How does it relate to what is covered in the textbook about regression model selection?
  7. What are the results of the multiple regression analysis? What do the authors conclude from it?
  8. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study? Did the authors identify any study limitations? End with a paragraph regarding whether you believe we can trust the results of the study and whether you would be comfortable implementing a change in your healthcare delivery setting, based on the findings from this study. Include your thoughts and critique of the study design and methods, including: sampling strategies, measurement approaches, and statistical analysis.
  9. Use APA format for in-text citations throughout the assignment and then include a reference page as the last item in the assignment. Include your target article and your textbook as well as any other references you have used.
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