Find an online news article, video (such as a TED Talk or news clip), ad, or other media related to women and health. In at least 400 words write your blog answering the questions outlined below and submit to the Media Blog #2 forum. Carefully review the media blog guidelines and grading rubric before you begin.

Choose an interesting topic that we have explored in the course so far so that you can dive into it deeper, or choose a topic that we haven’t covered that you would like to explore more as it relates to our course materials. Please focus on a different topic than you used for your first blog, and work on finding an example that links to the more recent course concepts.

  • What are the essential concepts, ideas, and/or insights presented in your example? (No quotations! Paraphrase and cite your source.)
  • What connection can you make to the course concepts and ideas related to women and health? (No quotations! Paraphrase and cite your source.)
  • What did you like least about the article (or other media you chose)? What did you like most? What additional research on this topic should be explored?
  • You are encouraged to add images to your blog post such as photos, graphs, or other visuals that help make your points.

Please be sure to cite your sources and include a link to your article/video, an image of an ad, or give a detailed description of the media if you cannot include an image in your blog post.

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