To complete Discussion Forum 1 successfully, you must first complete all of the assigned readings for Module 1 and complete viewing My Perestroika. Once you are done with the viewings / readings:

(1) briefly introduce yourself and

(2) provide a detailed answer to ANY question from My Perestroika study guide, pp. 12 – 14, while tying in / explaining the documentary with factual information from this module’s readings.

As always in this class: you are required to make a minimum of THREE (3) posts per module. At least one of your three posts should be your own original comment; at least one – should be a response to or comment on something another classmate has posted; the third post can be either your own original post or a comment on a classmate’s post. Keep in mind that your response should NOT simply be a summary of the assigned reading. A higher grade will be awarded to posts that demonstrate student’s ability to provide an original interpretation of the topic while also applying relevant concepts, issues, and theories covered in the course.

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