Review the Asian American Brief Historical Chronology (on iLearn and attached here) and Ancheta Chapters Intro, 1, 4 (can also draw on Chpt. 3 though haven’t covered yet), and/or immigration/migration readings;

1. choose one historical event that is, in your view, the most serious violation of constitutional rights that should have protected Asian Americans from legal and political harm, but did NOT;

2. identify the constitutional right or combination of rights involved, specifying their source in the Amendments to the US Constitution, and;

3. explain how those constitutional rights were denied or ignored resulting in harm to the Asian ethnic group or groups affected.

What I’m Looking For, 3 strong paragraphs

  • Paragraph 1: Clear statement up front of your key response (the historical event and why you see it as the most serious violation). Paragraph break!
  • Paragraph 2: Constitutional rights or combination of rights involved, specifying source in the constitution and/or Amendments to the Constitution, explaining how those rights were denied or ignored and:
  • Paragraph 3: More specifically explain how violation of right(s) resulted in hardship to the Asian ethnic group or groups affected (back up with cited sources, Ancheta and/or your own research).
  • Cite your sources with (Author Last Name Year, Page No.) at the end of your sentences. Any statement that is not your own personal opinion MUST be cited. For example:

According to Angelo Ancheta xxxx “xxxx” (Ancheta 2006, 4). If citing someone other than Ancheta then use their last name, date of publication, and include page number when directly quoting. NO MORE THAN 1 DIRECT QUOTE PERMITTED.

450 words maximum, 350 words minimum, online text only. Yes, you read correctly, 450 words max! Stay focused and do not use up word count with things like your name, title, date, or repeating the question — these are fillers and should be avoided!

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