I need discussion questions answered in 200 words or less.

Discussion: Climate and the Khans

This week you will complete another “long” discussion response. Here is the question: How did the fluctuating climate help and hinder Mongol expansion?

Discussion: The hotbed of trade

This week’s “short” discussion is on the growing complexity of trade and social systems across the tropical zone. Here’s the topic: In a solid paragraph, choose one defining aspect of the tropical zone from 1200 to 1500 CE and explain its historical importance.

Discussion: Dark Days

This week you will complete your last “long” discussion post. Here’s the question: European society took a turn for the worse in the 14th century. Identify three sources of social disruption that hit Europe in the 1300s and explain their impact.

Discussion: Loot, Land, and Labour

This is your last “short” discussion assignment. Here is the topic: Ronald Wright notes that “loot, land, and labour” made the modern world (Wright 2004, 114). Using our sources for the week, explore the historical reality behind this statement

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