For this discussion, find three tracks of music by three different baroque composers to share and compare. Ideally, the three tracks should be similar in genre (genre in this class means the kind of piece). So, if you pick a soprano aria from a cantata by one composers, then please find arias to compare with it by the two other composers. It is easier to make the comparison if the musical genre is similar.

Main post 100 points:

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I want to use Johann Bach, George Handel, and Georg Teleman

I will provide the naxos links after you let me know which works you will be writing about by each composer.

Supply for each track:

  • Correct Naxos static urls for each of the three tracks
  • Composer’s name
  • Title of the piece
  • Specific movement title (if a multi-movement work)
  • Background info on the composer and the piece. Keep bio info brief and focus more on the occasion the music was composed for or something unusual about the composer’s background or career.
  • Some musical observation, with track timings to pinpoint

Also required in your main post:

  • Why you chose the tracks; what do they have in common and how do they differ.
  • A brief bibliography at the end with accurate urls to web sources that any of your readers can access to learn more.

Remember: A track is usually just one movement of a multi-movement piece, or an entire short piece of music lasting a few minutes; that is three tracks, total. So if you choose a chorus from the St. Matthew Passion by Bach, you will not be writing about all 3 hours of the St. Matthew passion!

A typical passing level post will be @1000 well chosen words minimum.

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