Going to give this another try since the first one turned out so poorly. The attached paper is written in substandard English, in some cases nonsense, has some obvious copy/paste pieces from the example that wouldn’t normally be there (section titles, paragraph headings) and fails to meet the instructions/requirements in several places (missing Table of Figures in paper and TOC, transmittal letter expertise section specified to be written in third-person was written in first-person, etc.) I would like for someone to go through the instructions and supplements, and make the paper correct. I don’t need a rewrite from scratch, but it needs to make sense, be APA formatted, actually address the RFP/background, and most important follow the task requirements. I’m including a key below to make sense of the attached documents.

NEED_REVISION_Cloud_Migration_Proposal.docx – The paper that needs to be revised.

Instructions_Task_Requirements.docx – The actual instructions and requirements for the paper.

Instructions_Tips_and_Format_Example.docx – Tips for completing the paper and a basic example of the format.

Supplement_Request_for_Proposals-1.docx – The Request for Proposal (RFP) the paper is an answer to.

Supplement_RFP_Questions_from_Vendors.docx – Questions vendors asked of the RFP issuer for more guidance.

Supplement_Seamus_Company_Context.docx – Background information for the ‘company’ that issued the RFP.

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