*** Plagiarism is not acceptable ***

Overview of Project – As part of identifying a case study of my choice with a pertinent information system application. I have selected fictitious company called “Polltrack System “.

As part of activity 5 need to complete on below tasks based on my previous activities. I have attached the previous activities and sample projects documents for week 5 assignment. I have also attached my classmate project just for the reference to complete for my assignment. (Just sample reference only, my topic project was different than sample project)

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Week 5 Project Tasks

Now that you have created use-case models for your system, you will continue your system design by completing your class diagram and applying behavioral diagrams.

1. Extend your class diagram by including associations, indicating the object role and multiplicity on each end of your associations. Add any new classes, attributes, or operations that you may not have considered in your Week 3 diagram. Specify the data type and visibility of each attribute.

2. Develop sequence diagrams for two use-case scenarios from your W3 Project.

Justify any assumptions on some of the messages passed between objects.

Clearly indicate what objects are involved in each diagram.

3. Develop activity diagrams for two usecase scenarios from your W3 Project. The use-case scenarios may be the same or different from task 1.

4. Develop a non-trivial state diagram (the diagram must feature at least four (4) states) for at least one use-case or usecase scenario for your system.


  • Research Paper in in APA format. Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Please consider this top priority).
  • For Activity 5 complete instructions are specified. All instructions or tasks must be addressed.( Try to address all the information specified in each task )
  • Activity 5 is minimum 4 to 6 pages.( and reference page)
  • Paper must be included APA format References only and in-text citations. The references you cite should be credible, scholarly, or professional sources and Not older than 3 years
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