Detail :
  • Write a paper of approximately 750 words that answers the following questions:
    • Consider the group that is the focus of your final paper or another group that has faced a conflict. Think about a time when members of the group had conflicting viewpoints. Discuss the nature of the conflict.
    • What were the interests of the opposing parties?
    • Was the conflict an example of constructive controversy, consensus-seeking, debate, or something else? Explain.
    • How did each group member behave during the conflict? For example, were group members searching for compromise, withdrawing, or trying to smooth over the conflict?
    • Did those involved in the conflict attempt to understand opposing viewpoints?
    • How was the conflict eventually resolved?
    • What could have been done to improve the process for resolving the conflict?
  • Format your paper using the attached template.
  • Include a minimum of two sources
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