NUR3472CBE Section 01CBE Emerging Healthcare Technologies and Innovation (6 Months) – CBE – 2020 Winter Six Month 2Deliverable 3 – Leveraging Quality and Safety Measures with Communication TechnologiesCompetencyDifferentiate the impact of various communication technologies on safety and quality improvementScenarioYou are a staff nurse voted as the nursing delegate to sit on the Emerging Innovations Steering Committee. In preparing for your first committee meeting you have read through the last year of meeting minutes and determined what the past nursing delegate had achieved and what future goals were set for this specific role. The meeting minutes from last month show the steering committee is currently looking at emerging communication technologies and how the hospital can leverage integration of cost effective healthcare technology. In preparation for the first meeting, you have created a list of best practices based on your scholarly research and create a list of action plans for leveraging these into practice. You have been tasked with creating a comparative analysis of two communication technologies and how they can be used to improve communication between healthcare teams and how it can influence patient outcomes. Before the next monthly committee meeting, they want you to send them a comparative analysis using a format of your choice (i.e. table) of two communication technologies that you feel best improve safety and quality healthcare.InstructionsWrite a comparative analysis table including the following:Discuss the two selected communication technologies you have chosen with support from scholarly researchDescribe the function of each technologyAnalyze how it is used in the healthcare settingExamine how the two selected technologies can be used to improve communication among the healthcare team.Provide a specific practice example from the literature to support how each technology has been shown to improve communication among the healthcare team.Discuss how each type of communication technology has been shown to improve patient outcomes underneath the table.Identify evidence from the literature to support how each technology has been shown to impact patient outcomesDeliverable 4 – Merging Ethics and Information TechnologyCompetencyAnalyze ethical and nursing informatics practice standards within the context of healthcare delivery.ScenarioYou are a nursing manager of the education and innovations department at a large nonprofit academic medical center. You work at the flagship hospital and there are three additional campuses and several affiliated facilities throughout three additional states. Therefore, technology is heavily relied upon for consistent and reliable communication for interdisciplinary care. Recently, the CNO sent you a patient satisfaction survey highlighting how impressed this patient was with their nurse’s timeliness of answering their questions. The patient continued to share that the nurse used their personal cell phone to reach out to the patient’s provider to get clarification of the patient’s discharge instructions. The patient loved their quick response and wanted to highlight this as a best practice for all healthcare professionals.You have just completed a technology usage assessment of the healthcare staff across departments and it has come to your attention that several nurses occasionally communicate with medical providers through text on their personal cell phones, using their phone’s messaging service. The nurses found that they are able to meet their patient needs more quickly. Your assessment also discovered that a nurse used their personal cell phone to take a picture of a patient’s foot ulcer. The picture was posted on social media as a reminder to diabetics the importance of managing their blood sugars. As the nursing education manager, it is your responsibility to ensure staff are following the hospital polices and your technology assessment has highlighted that the staff is in urgent need of HIPAA training and Smart Phone use.InstructionsUse the scenario above to create a mandatory training for all staff using PowerPoint with voice over including the following:Examine personal Smart Phone use and its implications in HealthcareIdentify and explain a minimum of 3 unethical uses of Smartphones in healthcare (including text messaging and pictures)Discuss potential benefits to appropriate Smartphone use in healthcareExamine judicious use of Social Media and its implications in HealthcarePotential benefits to appropriate use of Social Media in healthcareIdentify a minimum of 3 unethical uses of Social Media  (as reviewed by NCSBN)Describe regulatory bodies and Ethical Frameworks used to protect Personal Health Information (PHI)Investigate the role of HIPAA, HITECH, and Nursing Code of EthicsPresent possible legal consequences associated with unethical or illegal Smart Phone and Social Media u

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