Write an executive summary that demonstrates the use of the holistic caring process to address general noise pollution in the hospital. The summary should be approximately 3-5 pages in length and include:A summary of the holistic intervention you recommend be implemented in the hospital to combat general noise pollution. It should address the following:Briefly describe the intervention. Be sure to support your recommendation using at least three evidence-based research articles.Provide a statement of how this intervention could be incorporated into a patient’s therapeutic care plan.Describe how this intervention would reduce general noise pollution in the hospital.Describe how you would evaluate this intervention over time.Assessment of the problem, challenges, and outcomes associated with hospital noise pollution. Include the following:A description of general noise pollution in the hospital setting.At least two sources of noise pollution in the hospital setting.At least two health effects of noise pollution on patients.At least two health effects of noise pollution on staff.Discussion of the evidence-based, holistic caring interventions for addressing noise pollution in the hospital setting. Include the following:At least one recommendation for acceptable sound levels in the hospital.At least one evidence-based, holistic, mind-body intervention that promotes health and well-being in the hospitalized patient.At least one evidence-based, holistic, environmental intervention for addressing noise pollution.

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