Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.1) Track performance for all ATI Capstone assessments by logging NCLEX-RN Client Need Category performance on the Individual Student ATI Assessment Trends: Longitudinal Performance tool.2) Based on individual performance on the ATI Capstone Assessments, prioritize the toptwoconcepts (topics) of greatest opportunity.3) Include the following criteria for each identified concept (topic): The NCSBN NCLEX-RN Test Plan will support this process (detailed criteria listed below and in the Grading Rubric must match exactly).a) Each Concept (Topic)- 10 points/20%i) Learning Needs:(1) Required Criteria:(a) Identify the concept (topic) of opportunity.(b) Provide a description of how this aligns with the NCLEX-RN Test Plan as indicated by performance in the Individual Student ATI Assessment Trends Table.ii) Learning Strategies:(1) Required Criteria:(a) Identify aminimum of twolearning strategies that you plan to implement to address your learning need.iii) Learning Resources:(1) Required Criteria:(a) Identify aminimum of tworesources that you will integrate into your NCLEX-RN Readiness plan to assist you with improving the identified learning need.2.(1) Required Criteria:(a) 250 word minimum(b) Givethreespecific examples on how the ATI Capstone assessments Review helped improve your self-identified toptwopriority concepts (topics) of greatest opportunity from above.(c) Describethreetest taking strategies that resonated with you and explain how you will implement these strategies into your NCLEX-RN Success preparation.

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