please i want perfect job and it most be answer with question then answer


  1. How can a safety person know about appropriate work procedure at the workplace to minimize or prevent injury & illness? Give 2 scenarios
  2. What/which Hazard Control Measures would you apply to your scenario 1 & scenario 2 ?
  3. Be specific with the hazard control measures that you would apply to your scenarios (see examples of Engineering & Administrative controls) in the reading provided
  4. What is the purpose of Job safety Analysis (JSA)?
  5. How often is JSA used at the workplace?
  6. Identify 3 industries, company or workplace that uses JSA

Minimizing Workplace injury – Wellness Program

Most (not all), workplace have a wellness program for one reason or the other.

  • Why do some companies or organizations implement wellness program?
  • How is the wellness program associated/connected with safety (in respect to minimizing, preventing or controlling workplace injury or illness)
  • Identify 2 wellness program at your job or in a familiar organization that you know

Your response /words must be 200 in length

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