Oil and Human Rights.

Natural resources have been the engine of many wars and economic/political upheavals that ended in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Oil, like many other natural resources, has been variously described as a source of “disease” or even, by some, as a “curse,” bringing adverse changes in relative prices, corruption, rent seeking, and other ills that result in the dissipation of most possible benefits—if not in extreme cases, in an outright decline in living standards. Oil and other natural resources are linked to many undesirable outcomes, such as civil war, autocracy and lack of economic development, and human rights.


What is the best strategy to ensure that oil as the natural resources remain legitimate components of sustainable economic development? In other words, what would you argue is the best way to utilize natural resources to advance and enhance not only economic development and wealth accumulation, but human rights, human wellbeing, and environmental stewardship?


********* Your essay MUST contain a thesis statement – your own argument that clearly and concisely articulates your perspective.


Write an essay comparing and contrasting your sources’ various arguments, main ideas, perspectives, etc. Think of it this way: you are setting up an analytical “dialogue” or debate between and among your sources. ((((at least 4 sources must be academic, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles)))

Q: you do not have to answer all of these exhaustively:

How are the articles’ perspectives similar? How are they different?

How and to what extent do they agree/overlap?

How and to what extent do they disagree/diverge?

What does each article address/include?

What does each article marginalize/leave out?

Which perspective do you find more compelling? Why?

Which do you find less compelling? Why?


Just rewrite the intro and the thesis statement.


1-It should be MLA, the Works Cited should be on last page

2- ((((at least 4 sources must be academic, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles)))

3-The most important point is that ( when you write a point should tell the last name of the sources For example (……………………………………………….) (last name, page#). In-text parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page, both adhering to proper MLA format, are required for all sources you use.

4-Keep it simple, clear, and easy to understand.

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